Guided by the 1998 Art Restitution Act, which is aimed specifically at federal collections, several provinces and municipalities have adopted provincial laws or regulations on the restitution of art assets confiscated during the Nazi period. They do not come under the jurisdiction of the Art Restitution Advisory Board, although the Board is sometimes consulted in an advisory capacity.

1. Burgenland: decision of the Burgenland provincial government of 12 November 2002, LAD –VD –B 718/2002
2. Carinthia: LGBL. Nr. 49/2003
3. Lower Austria: decision of the Lower Austria provincial government of 28 August 2002
4. Upper Austria: LGBL. Nr. 29/2002
5. Salzburg: decision of the Salzburg provincial government of 10 January 2003, Zl. 0/922 – 4153/2002
6. Styria: LGBL. Nr. 46/2000
7. Tyrol: decision of the Tyrol provincial government of 3 July 2007: the provincial government decides to acknowledge the moral responsibility for losses and damages incurred by Jewish citizens and other victims of National Socialism as a result of or in connection with the National Socialist regime through voluntary payments. In this spirit, restitution measures will be taken within the legal framework of the province of Tyrol in respect of assets acquired or in any other way administered by the province of Tyrol.
8. Vorarlberg: decision of the Vorarlberg provincial government of 16 December 2003, Zl. PrsR – 480.26
9. Vienna: decision of the city of Vienna of 29 July 1999, Zl. GGK – 543/99, AZ 0155/99 – M 07


Apart from the city of Vienna, other municipalities (Linz, Lienz, Stockerau) have followed the example of the federal government and the Art Restitution Act.